There are hundreds of Unique Asset types, each one – well – unique. They can be grouped into seven broad categories:

    1. real estate
    2. privately-owned businesses
    3. cash value life insurance
    4. loans and notes
    5. mineral oil and gas interests
    6. intellectual property
    7. tangible assets and collectibles

Managing any UA is a three-step process:

    1. Gather documents. One cannot manage a Unique Asset properly without knowing precisely what it is. (Consider a UA named the “XYZ Limited Partnership”. Does it own real estate, an oil well, a patent or what? If it owns real estate is it residential, commercial, retail or industrial? And if it owns commercial real estate is it a hotel, a flea market… etcetera.) Job One is to gather enough information about the UA to know exactly what it is.
    2. Craft a Management Plan. Few people know how to manage a gas well – but a wildcatter does. An intellectual property attorney knows how to manage a patent, a life insurance expert knows how to manage a whole life policy. Having determined a UA’s type, Job Two is for an expert who has “been there, done that” to craft a Management Plan or road map to guide whoever will be responsible for managing it.
    3. Execute the Management Plan. With a Management Plan in hand, Job Three is to make someone responsible for executing the Plan, then verify he or she follows through.

Advisors handle these three steps differently:

    • Some are “do it yourselfers” who prefer doing everything themselves.
    • Some prefer hiring a third-party to do the work for them.
    • Some like handling some functions themselves and outsourcing the rest.

No matter which approach an advisor prefers, the UA Manager™ will meet their needs. Do-it-yourselfers may use the app without outsourcing a thing. Advisors who prefer outsourcing can utilize a network of “subject matter experts” that UA Central maintains who are ready to help.

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