Real Estate Types


All Other Grain Farming


Apple Orchards

Berry (except Strawberry) Farming

Broilers and Other Meat Type Chicken Production

Cattle Feedlots

Cattle Ranching and Farming

Chicken Egg Production

Citrus (except Orange) Groves

Corn Farming

Cotton Farming

Dairy Cattle and Milk Production

Dry Pea and Bean Farming

Floriculture Production

Food Crops Grown Under Cover

Fur-Bearing Animal and Rabbit Production

Goat Farming

Grape Vineyards

Hay Farming

Hog and Pig Farming

Horses and Other Equine Production

Mushroom Production

Nursery and Tree Production

Oilseed (except Soybean) Farming

Orange Groves

Other Vegetable Farming

Peanut Farming

Potato Farming

Poultry Hatcheries

Rice Farming

Sheep Farming

Soybean Farming

Strawberry Farming

Sugar Beet Farming

Sugarcane Farming

Tobacco Farming

Tree Nut Farming

Turkey Production

Vegetable and Melon Farming

Wheat Farming



Timber Tract Operations

Agriculture-Hunting & Fishing

Finfish Fishing

Hunting and Trapping

Shellfish Fishing

Agriculture-Support Activities 

Cotton Ginning

Crop Harvesting, Primarily by Machine

Farm Labor Contractors and Crew Leaders

Farm Management Services

Postharvest Crop Activities (except Cotton Ginning)

Soil Preparation, Planting, and Cultivating

Support Activities for Animal Production

Real Estate-Residential

Apartment building (market rate)

Apartment building (subsidized) 

Equity REIT (primarily residential)

Mobile home park 

Retirement hotel 

Single-family house (rented out – AirBNB)

Single-family residence (2nd home)

Single-family residence (primary home)

Real Estate-Commercial


Amusement and Theme Parks


Bank building 

Banquet hall 

Bed-and-Breakfast Inns

Bowling Centers

Casino Hotels

Casinos (except Casino Hotels)

Concert hall

Conference center

Equity REIT (primarily commercial)

Fitness and Recreational Sports Centers

Flea market space (not under roof)

Flea market space (under roof)

Golf Courses and Country Clubs

Healthcare-Ambulatory Clinic

Healthcare-Assisted Living

Healthcare-Nursing Home

Historical Sites




Maritime-dock and associated building 


Medical building


Nature Parks

Office (co-working space)

Office (traditional)

Office-full service (executive suites)

Parking garage

Parking lot

Railroad right of way

Recreational and Vacation Camps (except Campgrounds)


Restaurant- Cafeterias, Grill Buffets, and Buffets

Restaurant-Snack and Nonalcoholic Beverage Bars


Retail-shopping center

Retail-strip center

Rooming and Boarding Houses, Dormitories, and Workers’ Camps

RV (Recreational Vehicle) Parks and Campgrounds

Skiing Facilities


Zoos and Botanical Gardens

Real Estate-Industrial 

Storage & Distribution


Mini warehouse


Real estate services (agents, brokers)