Why do so many financial advisors ignore 50% of their clients’ investments? Everyone knows the wealthy own liquid investments but advisors seem to forget they own illiquid ones too1 (i.e. real estate, closely-held businesses, oil wells, artwork etc. See nearby pie chart.) Investment portfolios have a “hidden half” worth noticing. 

Illiquid assets (or as we call them “Unique Assets” or UA) can be hard to manage so financial advisors who can help earn client thanks, referrals, loyalty and more fee income. As Larry Miles, CEO of fast-growing RIA AdvicePeriod noted in a Financial Advisor interview:

Oftentimes we’re able to advise clients on assets that are managed elsewhere, assets that are in the form of a business or real estate. We found over the years that clients were really seeking an advisor who could offer them advice on their entire balance sheet, and all of their liabilities, regardless of where they were custodied. We believe the best advisors are able to do just that.”

Many advisors want to help but not being UA experts, what can they do? Nothing … until now. Introducing the UA Manager, a simple yet powerful cloud-based software application empowering advisors to offer valuable help for any UA type (no matter how obscure or esoteric). The sooner advisors start using the UA Manager, the sooner their clients will start thanking them.

UA Manager™. See the whole picture.  Call today. 

[1]  TIGER 21 Asset Allocation Survey